Expert Profile

Energetic, results-oriented analyst, management consultant and recruiter with proven success driving sales quality, staffing and performance improvements for major clients in the Energy Deregulation and Telecommunications industries. With seven years of regulated industry sales experience, solid financial and data analytics skills, and a top-drawer network of loyal sales professionals and job seekers, Mr. Stewart brings a unique combination of expertise delivering immediate operational returns to the companies he serves.

Sales Quality & Performance Analysis

  1. Consistent ability to uncover and capitalize on opportunities for sales operational improvement risk reduction and sustained revenue increases
  2. Detailed sales quality and performance forecasting, analysis & recommendations
  3. Successful quality assurance program and project management system implementations spanning energy deregulation and telecom
  4. Preparation and management of large, multi-million dollar corporate sales and marketing budgets

High Performance Sales Force Recruiting & Retention

  • Savvy and connected with a top drawer network of loyal and experienced professionals
  • Exceptional people skills and sensitivities to the challenges of high demand, high turnover sales positions
  • Proven ability to place right talent in key positions while consistently delivering lower turnover and higher retention
  • Proven success developing and launching viral recruiting campaigns with high conversions

Select Client Successes:

  1. Achieved industry benchmark .000274 escalation-to-sales ratio, executing innovative and proprietary quality assurance systems.
  2. Developed and delivered custom sales quality assurance systems that virtually eliminated unauthorized customer enrollments through “slamming”.
  3. Cut independent sales contractor turnover in half through redesigned training, internal communication and compensation programs.
  4. Saved client over $1 million through process improvements that reversed payouts on pre-flow rejections while increasing revenue by $49,000 per month.